With McKesson as your guide, it’s easier than ever to find success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Our full range of vendor-agnostic imaging solutions can meet your specific needs for radiology, mammography and cardiology. We’ll help you focus on what’s needed to succeed in the future while helping you improve interoperability among existing systems and optimize your current PACS and CVIS investments. So you have everything you need to not just survive, but thrive—no matter how much the industry changes.

At McKesson, we understand what you need to complete your enterprise vision and expand the continuum of care. Our enterprise diagnostic imaging solutions can help ensure:

  • Images are easily accessible from the EHR by all users
  • Images are available even in a disaster
  • Personal health information is protected and compliant with HIPAA requirements
  • You achieve low total cost of ownership

Enterprise Imaging Solutions

Conserus™ Image Repository goes beyond current, simple VNA solutions. McKesson’s neutral archive is independent of all PACS and is designed to help reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces across the enterprise. It helps simplify enterprise-wide access to image information, facilitating enhanced clinical collaborations. With a single point of distribution and EMR integration for images, data sharing throughout the enterprise is only the beginning.

Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ is a vendor neutral, flexible workflow rules engine that connects seamlessly in heterogeneous system environments to consolidate interpretation and quality tasks. The rules engine allows each organization to define their own workflow and business rules to enable efficient, predictable and robust processes across their enterprise. The consolidation of interpretation and quality tasks driven by a single solution removes silos of information and promotes enterprise visibility while fully leveraging resources and IT investments to help show value, improve quality, and decrease total cost of ownership.

Conserus™ Clinical Data Exchange facilitates sharing of the patient’s longitudinal record across the care continuum. Clinicians can manage, share and access images and related clinical documents within the enterprise or across the region, from a single viewing platform. This standards-based solution also aggregates clinical data from other departments, enabling the clinician to provide better care.

Conserus™ Enterprise Viewer is a zero-download diagnostic viewer that is capable of communicating with any PACS or VNA, supports DICOM, non-DICOM and XDS-I and leverages healthcare IT standards (HL7, DICOM, Restful DICOM) to integrate with multiple clinical systems. It offers a broad spectrum of features and functionality, such as collaborative screen sharing between end-users and usage support, including the primary interpretation of images.

Conserus Imaging Fellow™ helps streamline and optimize the clinical decision-making process by offering diagnostic imaging clinicians a study-centric solution as part of their regular workflow. Discover patient data management that's intuitive and virtually automatic, giving you clinical data at the point of care to aid the image interpretation and diagnostic decision-making process.

Departmental Imaging Solutions

McKesson Radiology™, including McKesson Radiology Station™, is a web-based solution that provides the superior image display, workflow efficiency and system integration capabilities that you have come to expect.

McKesson Cardiology™ features a single database design that provides the entire care team with access to the complete cardiovascular electronic medical record (EMR) — images, reports and waveforms, all with integrated charge and inventory management — whenever and wherever it’s needed.

McKesson Medical Imaging Consulting™ helps to solve the challenges of healthcare IT by bridging the gap between people, process and technology. Our group of experienced diagnostic imaging consultants partner with imaging businesses to help ensure they are running optimally through the implementation of either packaged services or custom solutions. These services and solutions work to address key concerns such as productivity and workflow issues, recently mandated quality and regulation changes, as well as the change of reimbursements from volume to value based.


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